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I understand, 10Best is a platform that provides readers with information about the best things to see and do in various categories such as food, restaurants, spas, and more.  We are looking for passionate and skilled writers to contribute high-quality content to their websites. If you are interested in writing about these topics and have a good grasp of the English language, you may be a good fit for the 10Best writing team.

If you want to write for them, I would suggest visiting the “Write for us” page of the website and following the instructions provided there. This will likely include submitting some writing samples and providing some information about yourself and your qualifications. The website may also have guidelines for the type of content they are looking for and the format it should be in.

I’d encourage you to check out their guidelines and if you are a good fit for them and have the required skills, you can apply for the write for us page.

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Guest post Writer Guidelines

The guest writer guidelines for 10Best indicate that they are open to a wide range of cinematic writing, such as reviews, essays, articles, film lists, and more, as long as it is related to the entertainment industry. They also mention that writers can submit any number of articles, and can write about movies and series from a wide range of genres.

It’s also important to note that the website is looking for unique content that has not been previously published on the internet. They also have a no-plagiarism policy and reserve the right to dismiss any article that does not comply with their guidelines.

It’s also noteworthy that they are looking for original and unique content, free of plagarism. In general, it is an excellent practice to follow standard citation rules when using external material to make sure your content is not plagiarized.

If you’re interested in writing for 10Best, it’s important to review these guidelines carefully and ensure that your writing meets their expectations. It’s best to include your unique perspective and writing style while following the guidelines they’ve provided.

It looks like 10Best is currently accepting applications from new writers. If you’re interested in writing for the website, you can apply by contacting them via their website at https://10best.ae.

To apply, you will need to provide a writing sample that is roughly 800-2000 words in length. If you have any previously published articles, you should also include the URL. Additionally, you will need to include your name, website or social media links, and a pen name (if you use one).

It is also requested to inform us how many reviews/articles you would like to submit per month. They want real high-quality content, so they asked the writer to compare the article to the top 20 in google for the same topic. That is how it should bring real value. They also mention using internal links to the site if possible.

If you have any questions before submitting your application, you can reach out to the site’s contact for help via the email 10best.ae@gmail.com or via the contact form on the website.

Please be sure to follow these instructions carefully when applying and tailor your submission to their guidelines, it would increase the chances of getting your application accepted.